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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  September 14, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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in the last hour, sarah shourd who has been held in an iranian prison for more than a year landed in oman. these are pictures of shourd waiting and boarding her flight to oman. again, we've now learned she has landed there. this is where she will be reunited with her mother, but we don't know if that reunion has happened yet. her mother said shourd has been denied treatment for precancerous cancer cells and a lump in her breast. iranian authorities say her medical condition was taken into cut when they decided to release her. speaking on iranian state television, shourd thanked the world leaders who worked to free her. >> i want to really offer my thanks to everyone in the
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world, all of the government, all of the people that have been involved, and particularly and especially want to address president mahmoud ahmadinejad and all of the iranian people and leaders and justices. i'm grateful and very humbled by this moment. >> meanwhile, the iranian government says $500 million bail was payed to secure her release. we're learning from sources that spoke with cnn that oman paid the bill. >> translator: we came to the conclusion that because of the situation that she was in, we decided to kind of get some adis-- give some assistance. today the representatives of this lady accepted to bail her out. it was paid in the bank of iran. the money was paid there.
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and they issued the release order. >> the prosecutor says the two other hikers, shane bauer and josh fattal, will remain in prison for at least two more months. iran is accusing them of espionage and illegally crossing the word he. he-- border. all must face court. sarah shourd's mother says she cannot wait to wrap her arms around her daughter. the family is both relieved and heartbroken because of her two friends still there. senator bar brow box -- barbara boxer said she's -- >> it's an answer to many prayers to have her coming home. it's a good feeling. >> president obama says, "i'm
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very pleased that sarah shourd has been released by the iranian government and will soon be reunited with her family. all joined in celebrating with her return home." our complete coverage of sarah shourd's journey home, continues at click on the "uc hickers" tab. claudine wong is live with a new perspective with more on the san bruno blast. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. we've moved down here to area where it used to be the 1700 block of claremont. this is what remains of people's homes and lives. this investigation is just getting underway. we're told a lot of it, at least on scene has been
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completed in terms of the ntsb. victims want to know how this could have happened and want to make sure this doesn't happen again. they also want to really know what's next. >> this morning bill magullihan waited for someone to tell him if he can go in his home, if it's safe, if he can go forward. >> i'm not hearing any information. that's what's frustrating. they upgraded my house from a red to a yellow tag. that's fantastic news. so hopefully i will hear something. i haven't heard a peep from the city. >> reporter: he can't get in. his home is still in the area blocked off, in the area still under investigation. the ntsb says it's focused on the 30-inch gas pipe that's exploded and has told us the work in the crater is done. >> one of those wells was the clean end break of the pipe where the -- the -- you could see a very distinct clean part
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of the pipe and we'll explore to see if that's a well defect. the other part was torn, shredded. >> reporter: there's still no word when the streets will had open. in the meantime, services are being planned for the victims. jessica morales, -- morales, jacqueline and her daughter, janessa died in the accident. the bullis family is still missing. officials are looking through bone fragments now. it will be a week before we know. as for the man waiting to get back in his home, pg&e says they will be meeting one on one in a few days. he wants to move forward. he's just not sure how. >> these are my friends.
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these are my neighbors. it's devastating. and to see -- they've lost their houses. we've -- to see they've lost their lives because they were just at home, that's incredible. >> reporter: back here live, there are green-tagged homes. next to it a yellow-tagged home and next to that, devastation. neighbors say even in these green-tagged homes haven't come back and haven't done that by choice because the question is even if your home is green- tagged on this block, how do you come home to this? how does life get back to normal when this is what you see out of your window every single day? that's what residents are asking out here today. live in san bruno, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. senators barbara boxer and dianne feinstein are pushing for the immediate inspection of natural gas pipelines in the wake of the san bruno explosion and fire. they say the pg&e information of almost 12,000 miles of state- regulated pipelines is not
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enough. they are demanding the information of an additional 1500 pipelines under federal jurisdictions, especially those near residential areas. pg&e says it will spend up to $100 million to help the fire victims but where will that money come from? well there's concern it might come in the form of rate increases. ktvu's jade hernandez has more on that part of the story. good afternoon, jade. >> reporter: good afternoon. pg&e backed a proposal last year which is being discussed today, have utility customers helped -- help pay for the gasline explosion. but there's concern that this area might face a fee hike because it might be categorized as a wildfire. "wildfire" under the new proposal is defined to include any uncontrolled fire, urban or rural, larger than an air acre that destroyed -- than an acre
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that destroys houses or buildings. pg&e said the san bruno area would not be considered a wildfire. so the residents would not be affected and the utility her faces a rate increase. so this proposal, pg&e says, is really a formal. but the difference is the future was to implement the fee hike without going before the p.u.c. the commission, the p.u.c., has a right to foot the bill. >> the san bruno explosion would not apply to a wildfire. pg&e has $190 billion in liability insurance to cover costs. >> you give them a free hand, they will take everything you have got. you have to have control over it. somebody appointed. >> since it's not their fault
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why would you want to pay in that circumstance? the government should be able to pay for the cause of the wildfire. >> reporter: those we spoke to today came by to see the devastation in the neighborhood. some had seen the initial fireball. those who came by today said they were not surprised. there is a meeting today scheduled for 1:30. we were unable to reach a spokesperson from the p.u.c. this morning but we do understand that commissioners will not vote on this until sometime next year, at the earliest, in the spring. reporting live from san bruno, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. >> you'll find more information
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about pg&e's fund for the victims on as well as a link to look up the natural gas lines in your neighborhood. just click on the san bruno fire tab. and we're waiting for a press press conference from the first responders. when it begins, we'll go to it live. secretary of state hillary clinton is meeting with leaders in egypt. secretary clinton, benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president, mahmoud abbas, held a second scheduled meeting this afternoon but there's been no word of a breakthrough, abbass insistses that israel agree to extend a moratorium on new settlements that expire at the end of the month. clinton remains optimistic about the talks and says the time is ripe for an agreement on an independent palestinian state. two suspects in the oakland killing of a virginia man here for a job interview have is
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pleaded not guilty. authorities say george huggins shot and killed 45-year-old gin hong kang after allegedly robbing him of just $17. investigators say the suspect's girlfriend,al thea house -- althea haasly, was not present. this afternoon, the attorneys for the man accused of killing a bay area journalist will be in court to plead their case to move the trial to los angeles. yusef bey iv is accused of ordering a codefendant to gun dawn chancily bailey in oakland -- to gun down chancily bailey in oakland three years ago. they say the publicity prevent them from getting a fair trial. a dramatic rescue today in the waters off richmond. >> reporter: from richmond, it's a trip they've made
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hundreds of times without incident. find out why this fishing trip was different. a chilly cold start to the day. we're going to tell you what's forming that will bring a change to the forecast. and rumors or reality? we'll check on the threat of a sickout by the muni drivers of san francisco. e ret ma oilwi totr wco l wcote >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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an early-morning boat trip near the richmond marina today came to an abrupt, frightening end. one man has died after the boat he was on slammed into some rocks. kraig debro has more. >> reporter: the trip was supposed to be a routine outing to fish for albacore. instead, it turned into something they will never forget. >> basically it sounded like a car accident and water started coming over the side. >> it's scary. >> reporter: ralph dakin and his son described the chaotic scene at 5:30 this morning in the dark. the boat hit a strip of rocks called the breakwater. >> he hit something and the boat went over on its side as it ran up on the brick -- on the rock wall. >> reporter: toms dakin says he went to work trying to pull everyone to safety. >> one guy along me on the
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side, i grabbed him. i was trying to pull him in the vote. another man floated by. i tried to grab him. i had foo mown clothe -- too many clothes on. >> reporter: thomas got back in the boat, took off some clothes and went back out. it was his father. >> i pulled him back in. >> reporter: the boat motored up the waterway beyond the first breakwater and to the right and north. it's a path his friend says he's taken hundreds of times. >> we've been fishing out there since kids. >> reporter: this army corps of engineers towed this vessel to a nearby dock. the coast guard will investigate the cause of the crash. ralph dakin says the experience will change his behavior in the future. >> definitely have a life jacket on at all times. >> reporter: in richmond, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. we have new information this noontime about threats after sickout by muni drivers.
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this morning, a muni employee told ktvu there have not been any sick -- sick calls today. and no delays as well. there was an anonymous flier going around telling the drivers to call in sick about new requirements for work schedules, a new parking fee and changing the rules for calling in sick. tonight the city council will debate whether to put high- speed rail tracks above or below ground. the city staff is recommending a quick deal with the high- speed rail authority with a cheaper, above-ground track. but city lead, including mayor chuck reed, want further study on the $2 billion below-ground tunnel option. a moderate earthquake caused shaking near the border of arizona and mexico. the 5.2 quake was centered west
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of arizona. it was first believed to be a 5.4 but that number was further revised. let's check in with steve paulson, our meteorologist, for the forecast. >> for some it's a sunny day, for others -- that's my tie, by the way -- >> a little bit of a northerly breeze has helped some. there is a little low off the sonoma coast which means it's been fog city from san francisco to the marin headlands north, especially on the marin coast and sonoma coast. low clouds and sunny. a couple of systems came by. one yesterday gave us a lot of high clouds. that held things in check but even though we have the sunshine now, we're barely warming up a little bit. we also have another system out here that's gonna play in our weekend forecast. high pressure is coming in today. it's very weak. there is a lot of fog out there. there is another system coming
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in that will keep the fog going. so low clouds. if you have the sun, it's not too bad. 60s on the coast. if you are stuck in the fog, 50s. inland, 70s or very low 80s. livermore, concord and danville, i might add, are all about 70 degrees. 65, though, palo alto, san jose is only 68. 50s for san francisco, san rafael and napa. oakland, berkeley in the low 60s. it's warmer up in tahoe. even ukiah is on the cool side for 73. a lot of fog keeping temperatures really cool. our system is developing, it looks like our first rainer of the season. it won't be until late friday/saturday. it is showing signs of giving us a lot of clouds and rain, especially san francisco, oakland, i would say vallejo north as we get towards saturday. turning cloudy friday and saturday. rain is likely to the north. the next couple of days the coast has to deal with a lot of fog. inland areas will see 70s or
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very low 80s. sunny, mild, a little breezy at times especially in areas where the fog burns off. so a, 60s by the -- 50s, 60s by the beaches. that's it. upper 60s, 70s and a few upper 70s to very, very low 80s inland. not much change on wednesday. we get drizzle on friday and then saturday maybe some rain. >> a little bit of a hint? >> there's more than a hint. >> all right. thank you, steve. >> you bet. police officers and firefighters who were the first to respond to the explosion at san bruno are getting ready to hold a news conference. this is happening at skyline boulevard. let's listen in. >> behind you, you have firefighters and police officers from san bruno county. they are gonna come up here and
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give you their perspective. i think it's critical to note there were over 200 firefighters and police officers responding to the scene. that includes communication personnel, support personnel, and in addition the -- i'm sure there are individual acts of heroism from community members as well. so i think it's important to realize that this response just wasn't one agency or one individual. this was a -- a response from the state, local, county officials as well as the community at large. i do want to give you a brief update. as you've heard, there are 37 homes destroyed, 19 homes sustained substantial damage and are currently unoccupied. over the last couple of days, we've been successful in letting 321 homes -- back to get -- homeowners to get back to some sort of normalcy. right now we're investigating three missing-person cases.
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afterwards we'll take questions. right now, i'd like to introduce fire chief, dennis hague, to introduce his firefighters. >> good afternoon this afternoon. i have three firefighters voluntarily who will come up and share their stories. the fourth person will be one of our training division captains who will explain our operations system county wide. so with that, i will introduce captain bill forester from the san bruno fire department. >> i'm bill forester. i'm the captain on truck 51 "a" shift. we were dispatched along with engine 51, engine 52 from our own department as well as the balance from the first full alarm assignment for an explosion that afternoon. in fact, as soon as the tones
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went off at the station, we heard a lady's voice downstairs screaming who had stopped into our station that something was wrong. we looked out the back door and we could see a fireball and smoke up here in the neighborhood. we weren't sure where it was. we thought it might be near skyline college. as we got in the rig to respond we were en route. a second call came in for south san francisco fire department for another explosion, and initially we're thinking that a jet airplane went down from san francisco airport and then when the second call came in for south city fire, i personally was thinking it might be a terrorist thing. so that was kind of going through my mind at the moment. before too long, engine 52 was on scene. their firehouse is just a couple of blocks from the blast site, and captain baringer did the report and we have a whole
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neighborhood on fire and enincredible heat and fire. many homes are burning. we knew this was something big and serious. as we arrived on the scene behind engine 51, they proceeded in toward the blast and this fireball, the sound, the noise of it was -- was deafening. it was very loud. it sounded very much like it could have been a jet airplane, engine still running. as we took the turn, there were citizens fleeing the street, running up the hill. san bruno police department was arriving on scene. it was very chaotic. cars were driving trying to get out of the street. we were trying to make our way in to the fire. i got flagged down by an off- duty firefighter jim davis who directed me to a gentleman who was burned pretty severely. he had been assisted over to the sidewalk. i went to check on him momentarily while my crew, phil
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wargo and fred garcia, got ready to go to work, as soon as i checked on him, battalion 9 from millbrae, ron lavezo, came in and i sold him -- told him we we have a burn him here. we need an ambulance and i grabbed that off-duty firefighter and we started yelling at people to clear out and get back up off the street because there were people starting to gravitate down, just to get a better look and in my mind, i was concerned about a secondary explosion because i -- again, i thought it was a jet airplane down. we weren't sure what we had. in any case, engine 51 did lay in their supply hose from the fire hydrant going down the hill and started pulling hose lines to start extend -- extinguishing houses.
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the cops were working as well. we were trying to work on getting a water supply. they needed massive water for this thing and we disever -- discovered in the hydrants. >> you are watching a life press conference going on in san bruno. one of the first firefighters who arrived on the scene. we'll be streaming this live at and we'll have much more on this on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. thanks for watching. [ this broadcast captioned by erin c. mc clure ] e ret ma oile
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